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Release Notes - June 7, 2017


Payment information is no longer a required field if the total order value is $0

Ensure calorie info is sent for menu items only when the setting is activated to allow the display of calories

Added: Display Dispatch coverage at the location level and identify the Delivery Service Providers that service that location

Enhanced menu admin usability and navigation for menu modifiers

Added preventative measures against distributed brute-force attacks

Enhancement to chevron-style icons on the Mobile Web v2 ordering UI so they are more easily understood and meet ADA Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Mobile Web v2 ordering UI action button now floats at the bottom of the screen instead of having to scroll to the bottom of the page

Mobile apps on Apple devices now use the Safari browser when directing users to an external login provider

Heartland gift cards are now supported as a payment option

Oracle/Micros Simphony: Enhanced price updater to support prices in menu sub-levels

SSOS: Support for more advanced loyalty integration support

Micros: Support 86ing for inactive price record items

Bug Fixes:

Fixed error when loading payment usage for an invoice

Fixed validation logic to require billing address when updating contact information for location invoicing

Fixed POS health matrix sorting issues

Fixed the Dispatch fee, as a service charge, from subtracting from the subtotal of the menu items for Oracle/Micros

Fixed bug when removing coupons on Mobile Web v2 that prevented the discount amount from also being removed from the basket total

Fixed an issue where forms may not be visible when the only payment method is pre-selected on desktop

Fixed minor desktop UI inconsistencies

Fixed specific Mobile Web v2 menu item label bugs

Fixed logic that previously allowed a user to select a menu quantity that exceeds the limit set for that menu item

Fixed alignment to center the brand's logo for Mobile Web v2 ordering UI

Fixed the way Loyalty Rewards get linked to a user's account in mobile apps

Olo POS Interface (OloCloud): Fixed bug where order quantity failed to transfer properly

Focus: Fixed price update process to leave taxability status unchanged

Focus: Fixed handling of quantities for nested menu items

Fixed error handling when modifying orders that become throttled

Special Instructions are now viewable when customizing/editing a product for a user that has permissions to one channel and one channel only

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