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Olo POS Interface Specification (aka OloCloud)

The Olo POS Interface Specification also referred to as OloCloud, is a reusable REST API for POS systems to allow integration of Olo online ordering.

It is a platform-agnostic and POS-agnostic standard, meaning it can be implemented in any language and on any operating system. It is built to be as simple as possible both conceptually and to implement.

For stores using OloCloud, online orders are submitted by Olo to a central internet-accessible "cloud" API created by the POS integration partner. This API is responsible for accepting Olo-formatted order data and transmitting it downstream to each store location. The API must be HTTPS secured with a valid certificate.

Any new POS partner, or any brand using a POS system not currently supported by Olo, is encouraged to explore the integration possibilities provided by OloCloud. For more questions about using OloCloud submit a support ticket and our Help Team will be glad to assist you.


*For more information on OloCloud, check out our overview article*

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