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XPIENT/IRIS POS: Requirements

There are specific requirements for the XPIENT agent to be installed and connected to the POS and allow online orders to be successfully sent.

Firewall Requirements

Please refer to this article for Firewall requirements

Windows Requirements

  1. Windows XP SP3 (Support for XP will eventually end) or Windows 7 and later

  2. The Back of House (BOH) server must have sufficient disk space to process orders (Olo recommends at least 1GB of RAM and at least 5GB of free hard drive space)

IRIS Requirements

The following items are needed on the XPIENT-IRIS side for OLO to connect

  1. XSPOSWebService Configured and Installed
  2. xsPOSServer Licensed and Running
  3. Online Order Concept, or a similar concept created for xsPOSServer

Olo Requirements

The following items are required from the IRIS POS for OLO to send online orders with the correct information

  1. Destination IDs
  2. Pay Type IDs
  3. Memo Item ID – for sending custom messages
  4. xsPOSCfg Database Path
  5. IRIS Path
  6. xsPOSServer Register Number
  7. Cashier Employee Number

Olo Features

The following items are needed if the features listed are to be used:

  1. Pickup Time Item Number – For sending Pickup ETA to KVS
  2. Dispatch Delivery Fee Item Number
  3. Dispatch Delivery Tip Item Number
  4. Separate Modifier Quantities – True, multiple modifiers will be sent separately under parent item. False, multiple modifier items will be sent under the parent item combined
  5. Order Point Name – Default is set to OLO
  6. Receipt Printer Name – OLO can have a separate receipt printer defined from the default that is used by other xsPOSServer client
  7. Send Open Order with Payment
  8. Organizing Item Placement on Check
  9. Olo Order ID as Memo Item
  10. Dispatch Tip/Fee based on DSP
  11. Tax Facilitator Support
  12. Rails Markup
  13. Availability Editor Support
  14. Not Taxable Category
  15. Pickup Time over Kitchen Message

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