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Logging In with Single Sign On

Single Sign On allows a user to log into your ordering site with credentials from another source. Some common single sign on options are Facebook, Google+ and a loyalty program. When the user chooses to log in with an SSO option, they will be taken to that site to log in. For users, this allows for an easier sign on process and also keeps loyalty and ordering closely tied. 



For many loyalty providers Single Sign On is required for the integration to work properly. If adding Single Sign On post-launch as part of a loyalty initiative we suggest contacting all existing users and letting them know they'll need to log in with their new loyalty account in order to earn loyalty, and that their old account will no longer work. 


Looking for Marketing Opt-In Information?
For any users who log in with single sign on their opt-in information would need to be gathered from the log in provider, and not from Olo. Since the provider owns the log in process, they would have the information on the users and if they've agreed to marketing communication.

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