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Olo IP Addresses and Ports for In-Store Firewall Allow List


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Stores using Olo’s Dashboard or POS integration software must ensure that the in-store network allows outbound Internet traffic to Olo’s servers. You will need to configure your firewall to allow traffic as needed according to the listed specifications in the table below. 

POS Integration Software Agents

Network connections are always initiated from inside the store network (from the back-of-house). No inbound ports need to be opened. The store computer needs to be able to make DNS lookups and outbound connections to Olo’s servers.

Note: If you receive orders via an agentless “Cloud POS” integration (e.g. Revel, Brink, NCR Silver) or Expo Standalone the POS section of the table below does not apply.

Best Practices

Olo recommends using the FQDN for allowing traffic as it is static. IP addresses can change without notice which can interrupt service.








443 TCP If Dashboard is accessed from an in-store network
443 TCP If Expo is accessed from an in-store network
443 TCP If POS agents are used from an in-store network
9292 TCP




NOTE: Windows XP is not supported by If your back-of-house is running Windows XP Olo will not work on the device.

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