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Brink POS: Configuration for Olo


Brand IT and Maintenance, Deployment Teams


Olo communicates with the Brink system in the cloud so there is no software to add in each store. To receive online orders through the Brink API, please follow Brink's whitelist FAQ found here.

Your Brink representative will provide:

A.Endpoint Address (will be the same across the channel) and

B.Location Token (this will be unique to each store).

Please send an email to authorizing OLO access to your database. In turn, Brink will provide the necessary API tokens. 

Olo will need the following ID numbers and the two items from Brink to get started. Later in the process, we can talk about any special discounts that you may need to be mapped as well.

There are a few global configuration items that need to be set in Brink. The ID numbers must be consistent across all stores in the channel. We do not need this information provided on a per store basis as they will be configured at a brand level. 

  1. PrePaidTenderId – This will be an 'External' Tender type in Brink. Flag “Allow Tips”, and "Allow for Deposits".  Olo orders are paid above store and this Tender ID is used to close the check in Brink. “WebOrder”, or any other suitable descriptive name is fine.

  2. InStoreTenderID – This is only used if you will allow a Pay-At-Store option for guests online. Typically set to the ID for Cash.

  3. PickUpOrderType – The ID for the Brink Destination that you will assign to online orders. “OloOrder” or “Pickup” or any other descriptive name is fine.

  4. DeliveryOrderType – Destination if delivery is available.

  5. DispatchOrderType - Destination if using Dispatch for third-party delivery.

  6. DispatchDeliveryFeeItemId - This is an Item set to Ask for Amount and Non-Revenue. The Dispatch delivery fee will be sent as this Item.

  7. DispatchDeliveryTipItemId - This is an Item set to Ask for Amount and Non-Revenue. This will keep Dispatch tips separate from any other tips in the system.

  8. DriveThruOrderType - Destination if Drive Through will be used.

  9. CurbsideOrderType – Destination if curbside is available

  10. Curbside Memo Item - Open text item that carries Make, Model, Color

  11. NonTaxableItemTaxId – This is a Tax set in Brink with a 0% value. This needs to be attached to all items that are not taxable and seeing that Tax ID, Olo will display those items as non-taxable online.

  12. Loyalty Provider Tender Type - If needed, this is used to close online orders paid through a loyalty provider (LevelUp, Punchh, etc.). This will be an 'External' Tender type in Brink. Flag “Allow Tips”, and "Allow for Deposits".

  13. Above Store Credit Card Tender Types -  All credit card payments happen above store. By default, they will be assigned the PrePaidTenderID described above. Optionally, payments can be separated out by card type with the same type of "External" tenders. Example: Olo-Visa, Olo-MC, Olo-Amex, Olo-Discover. 


Thank you for using Olo!



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