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FDA - Guide to Updating Sodium Labels in Dashboard

Olo provides you the ability to show menu labels in your online menus. In New York City and Philadelphia, food service establishments are required to show warning labels on items containing more than the daily recommended limit of sodium (2,300 mg). An icon and warning statement have been released that must be included on all menus where meal options surpass the 2,300 mg of sodium limit. Below are instructions for how to add this to your menus.


Getting Started

Olo Dashboard with Brand level access will let you create menu labels for your menu items. You will also need access to Olo Menu Admin - Store Menu access to associate menu labels to menu items.

Note: At this time, Olo only supports sodium labels to be configured in ordering interfaces.

  1. You need to create the label in Dashboard (only sodium labels for now)
  2. Associate the label with menu items in Menu Admin

Download the attachment below to view the complete Guide to Updating Sodium Labels in the Dashboard. 

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