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Dispatch Store Settings


Delivery Taxable? Yes / No

  • Yes - Calculate tax on the delivery fee and add to the order total.
  • No - Tax is not calculated on the delivery fee.


Allow Advanced Orders for Dispatch Yes/ No

  • Yes- Allows future orders to be placed for Dispatch
  • No - Will only allow ASAP orders


Min Delivery Amt - $_______

  • Minimum order amount required to qualify for a dispatch delivery order.
  • A common use case would be when the Store Location is charging a fixed delivery fee to the end customer (e.g. $4.99) and wants the economics to work for expense versus revenue. For example, the brand may have calculated that the break-even point for offsetting delivery expenses is $15. In that case the brand would set the value at $15 (or higher) and prevent customers from placing a delivery order with a food cost of less than $15.


Max quoted delivery fee allowed - $_______

  • Maximum amount Olo can display to customers for the delivery fee in the UI. (If a DSP quote is above this max fee, site will indicate delivery is not available at this time.)
  • If your store has elected to charge the customer the Dispatch Fee, this field is typically left  BLANK.


Max quoted transit time allowed (minutes) - _______

  • Maximum amount of time a DSP can quote for transit, typically in order to ensure food is kept hot and fresh!
  • We generally recommend leaving this field blank to provide a higher probability that delivery will be available for a customer's order. If the setting is too restrictive (e.g. 20 minutes), there is a reduced probability that a DSP will return a quote for delivery. We have seen some providers quote deliveries at 45 minutes, 60 minutes, and 90 minutes during peak times. If you set a narrow window for the max transit time, please note this may increase the likelihood of customers getting a "no delivery available at this time" message.


Multiple Quote Tie-Breaker - ShortestTransit OR LowestFee

  • ShortestTransit - If multiple quotes from DSPs are available for a given order, the quote with the shortest transit time will prevail
  • LowestFee - If multiple quotes from DSPs are available for a given order, the quote with the lowest fee will prevail


Fee Types

Dispatch Fee (Delivery) -

  • Delivery Fee provided by the DSP that will be passed through to the customer


Fixed Fee (Delivery) - $_______

  • You can set a fixed delivery fee for your customers
  • Customer will pay the fixed amount and the store/brand will pay the difference between the fixed amount and the actual delivery fee quoted by the DSP
  • We recommend setting a minimum delivery amount for the order AND a maximum delivery fee to manage your expenses.


Fixed Subsidy (Delivery) - $_______

  • You can set a fixed subsidy amount to be applied to all DSP quotes
  • Customer will pay DSP fee less subsidy amount and the brand is still required to pass onto Olo the full amount of the quotes delivery fee


Fixed Mark Up (Delivery) - $ ______

  • Additional charge added onto Dispatch Delivery Fee



Menu Item Restrictions -

  • Are there any items on your menu that you DO NOT want to be eligible for delivery?
  • This applies ONLY to PRODUCTS in the Olo system and not modifiers
  • An example of restricted menu items would be items you don’t feel will travel well or don’t lend themselves to delivery; for example, ice cream desserts.
  • Restricted menu items will be shown on menu as “Available for Pickup Only”
  • Menu item restrictions can be set in Company Menu Admin.


Cancellation Email Address

  • Email notifications can be sent for any Dispatch order that has been canceled. Please provide comma separated email addresses if you would like to receive cancellation notifications.


Pick Up Instructions

  • Specific instructions can be added to communicate to the DSP’s for pick up
  • An example: “ Please approach the"order pickup" area and let the team member know you're here to pick up an order for a Dispatch delivery.”
  • Pick up Instructions must include the brand name in the title if the brands name is not already a part of the store name. (i.e Joe’s Subs Main Street vs Main Street)


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