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FDA - Guide to Updating Disclaimers in Dashboard

Olo provides you the ability to show disclaimers in your online menus. You can use this feature for generic disclaimers as well as FDA specific disclaimers, also known as succinct statements and additional statements. This will let consumers view disclaimers in respective ordering platforms such a desktop, mobile websites and apps.

Olo Dashboard with Brand level access will let you create disclaimers at the Brand level and at the Vendor level:

  • Brand Disclaimers: Disclaimers that will be displayed at all locations. For e.g. FDA disclaimer requirements. More information can be found here
  • Vendor Disclaimers: Disclaimers that will displayed at specific store locations. For e.g. Some store menus offering children menus not available at all brand locations.

Download the attachment below to view our User Guide: Updating Disclaimers in the Dashboard. 

This guide is primarily designed for brands using Olo ordering websites and apps. For brands that have built their own front end experience using our API, please work directly with your design partner to implement calorie display changes.


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