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Aloha POS: Special Scenario Taxing with Aloha Table Service


Technical Teams, Database Administrators, Development, and Account Managers

Description of Issue:

Ohio has special taxation rules for to go products and special configuration must be in place to accomplish this with the Aloha POS integration.


Configure POS to cause assigned menu to override taxes, FOR ALOHA TABLE SERVICE by following the steps below:

Step 1 

Create an Aloha Job Group called Web Ordering Group ID # X for Olo.

Step 2

   Add the Job Group ID X to Aloha's Job Code that the Aloha Interface Employee uses for Olo's integration.
  • Be sure that you do this for both Job Codes if you are using Validate and Commit Job Codes for Olo.
Step 3
Create Olo Web Ordering Menu in Aloha (TS uses menus) with a tax reroute for the  Standard tax > Non-taxable (whatever the $0 Tax Group Tax assignment is).
  • Be sure that this new Menu has every Submenu on it that you could possibly want offered online.
  • Important to note that all Olo mapping will not change and the guests will not see the Menus from Aloha.
Step 4
Set an Event to Set Menu for Job Group X to the Olo Web Ordering Menu (the one with the reroutes). 
Step 5
Refresh data.
Step 6
Test and watch the tax override for the items that have the organization's standard tax assigned to them.

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