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Fixed Make Time

Prior to configuring make times, please refer to this article which provides an overview of the different make time strategies that are available within Olo Company Menu Admin.


Details on Fixed Make Time

Fixed Make Time is defined at the Category Level within the Olo Company Menu Admin tool. 

Note: Make times are required by certain POS systems, for orders to flow through successfully to a store. Brink, Qu, and Revel are three POS systems that have this requirement, where the make time should not be left at 0. In fact, Revel needs the make time to be at least 10 minutes (that is the minimum requirement). Please reach out to us if you are unsure of whether make time is a required entry for the POS you are integrated to.

Dashboard Users are asked to add the total hours needed in advance of the order.

This is configured in the Company Menu in Dashboard. Select Edit Category on the chosen category. You can then select Fixed Make Time for the Make Time Calculation and then configure the number of hours.


1 CategoryA = 24 hours

1 CategoryB = 48 hours

Total Time for Order: 48 hours

Time is NOT cumulative.  Time may exceed one full day.  No maximum is listed.

Orders that include an item with "Fixed Make Time" will automatically become scheduled orders and require the guest to select the pickup time for the order. 

Highest category time from order will be used for the entire order.



If the long make times that have been set within certain categories seem to limit the order time selections presented to customers, you can try out either one of the options below:

Option 1: Adjust the make times to be shorter than store business hours

Option 2: Have stores accept orders before opening, to allow for orders with extensive make times to be received as needed. If you would like this setting adjusted, you can reach out to us!


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