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Aloha POS: ecardpos.dll error when trying to startup Iber(qs)


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Description of issue:

  • Iber will not start and the Olo log states that the Iber Process is not found.
  • Subsequently, Olo Aloha Service is stopped and the Olo Tester is run. 
  • Error returned is that the ecardpos.dll could not be found.


Solution A:

Step 1

  • Stop the OloAlohaService

Step 2

  • Copy an instance of ecardpos.dll into %iberdir%\bin

Step 3

  • Start the OloAlohaService

Solution B:

Step 1

Perform a manual installation of ASV for FOH, which may resolve the issue and cause the terminal to load ASV as expected.


Note: This is an error that occurs when an Aloha system starts up an instance of Iber and the system is configured to expect to start the applications associated with "ecards" or Aloha Stored Value integration that is a native NCR Hosted Solutions product. This would happen on a Back Office machine that was swapped out a location that worked previously. NCR may fail to take steps in their RTS process that would confirm that a third party interface terminal is working. The dll is attached for your convenience.

NCR Contacts: Hosted Solutions


This article does not address Aloha version 15.1 with the newest version of ASV versus the legacy vbo.

Later versions of Aloha will delete this ecardpos.dll when starting up. This does not mean that this is not relevant. It is the way the newer versions behave, but they still need to see this dll when starting the interface terminal for the first time.

Keywords: ecardpos.dll, iber process not found


*Please contact your POS Support Provider for a copy of the ecardpos.dll file to follow these steps.*




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