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MICROS POS: Check info lines not printing on chits or receipts


Technical Teams, Customer Success Teams, and Client's POS programmer        

Description of issue:

The Olo order number, customer name, customer phone number, pickup time and message about not a prepaid order (message about prepaid is only for non credit card orders) is not appearing on MICROS checks or chits. 


The solution is to update the check info lines display and print settings in MICROS. 

Steps to implement:

Step 1

Login to MICROS POS Configurator on store’s MICROS Server.

Step 2

Enable Check Info Lines 

Select POS Configurator/RVC/RVC Interfaces

  • Uncheck “Do not display check info line”
  • Select a Print Format location (After Header below)


Step 3

Select location for Check Info Lines to print on any Desired Order Devices

Select POS Configurator/Devices/Order Devices

  • Select location (“After Header” in example below) for Check Info Line Print Format


Step 4

Select location to print the Check Info Lines on receipts

Select POS Configurator/Revenue Center/RVC Print Design

  • Select location for Guest Info Print Format
  • Select location for Delivery Info Print Format


Caveats: This will make your chits and checks longer.



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