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Aloha POS: Automatic Printing of Checks via an Interface Terminal


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Description of issue:

Every time an order is placed online, three checks print from OLO – two validation checks (with the customer name as “Don’t Make” and total of $0.00). The reason this happens is because Olo sends one command to print with an order and the additional checks are due to the  configuration in Aloha.

Aloha can have multiple revenue centers configured and check printing can be controlled in Revenue Centers in Aloha, with options of “Always,” “Default,” and “Never.” If this set to “Always” so that all checks print when closed, then when Olo creates validation checks they are cleared of all items and then closed; in this case, the close function causes them to print.


The solution is to (1) set the revenue center that is used by Olo’s Aloha Interface Terminal up to “Default” and (2) only flag the “Pd Online” tender(s) to print on close. Orders originating from Olo will only print a receipt for the actual order, since it’s the only order to be closed to “Pd Online.” Meanwhile, every order made in any other revenue center will continue to print according to those revenue center settings and normal in-store operations.

Steps to implement:

Interpret your desired print behavior from the CFC Guide and configure in POS, then refresh data.

Configure in CFC> Hardware Maintenance > Revenue Centers > Settings Tab


(Excerpt from CFC Manual)

— Used to determine how often to print a receipt when a check is tendered on a terminal linked to the specific revenue center. Three selections are available:

Default - Disables the Print Receipt option and reverts to the default settings in the Tender functions to dictate whether or not a receipt prints.


Always - Forces a receipt to always print when closing a check on a terminal linked to the specific revenue center.


Never - Prevents receipts from printing when a check is closed on a terminal linked to the specific revenue center.


The location of this printing can be impacted by the Printer that is assigned to the Interface Terminal.

Keywords: 0.00 check printing, never print check, $0 check, DO NOT MAKE



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