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Aloha POS: Special Instructions on QSR KDS with Aloha


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Description of issue:

Aloha has an API feature that allows special instructions to be entered via Special Instructions using the (1) ApplySpecialMessage command. However, there is a need to also enter special instructions by using a (2) Memo Item via a Modifier Item in some cases. One of these is for locations that use QSR KDS Screens because their API does not allow Special Instructions to be entered via the ApplySpecialMessage method to route to the KDS screens.

This variation (2) does not impact Prep Tickets or Guest Checks greatly.

  • These Memo Modifier Items to be ordered ask for one or both of the item description/price in their POS Configuration.
  • Olo uses those open items for "Memo Items" to pass free text information over from an order into Aloha for interpretation. These strings of text have no reportable value, but allow communication from the guest to the store.
  • Aloha has several fields in the configuration of this "open item" as part of the typical item configuration feature set. Among these fields are "Chit Name" and "Long Name".
  • Chit Name is a field with limited characters intended for concise communication to the order preparer.
  • Long Name is a field that enables more characters to be visible for clearer reporting. This field is used by BOH reports.


AddSpecialMessagesUsingMemoModifiers=true (false if ApplySpecialMessage is to be used)

MemoModifierId= (Numeric ID number, can use the regular Memo Item for general use)

MemoModifierGroupId=(Numeric ID number, can use the regular Memo Mod Group for general use)

Steps to implement:

Step 1

  • Confirm these mods exist in POS and that the mod group is attached to every item in the database so that applicability is not void in online ordering.
  • Add this line in the following location, save and refresh data:



Step 2

  • Configure the above “Solution” In Olo under POS Configuration for the Company/Vendor
    Restart the OloAlohaService.


  • Only available in POS version 6.7.37 or higher
  • Be sure to search the Aloha.ini for the value ASKFORPRICENAME before pasting this value
  • The presence of the same line twice will cause Aloha failures
  • Do not add it above the value of [Ibertech]
  • Since there is sometimes a need for the field on a prep ticket to exceed that of a typical chit field, Aloha was enhanced to allow that field to be lengthened. ref RKS 14588



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