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Aloha POS: Prices are not updating and Mismatches Reporting


Technical Teams, Account Managers, and Product Development

Issue Description:

Prices are not updating on Olo powered guest ordering site and/or mismatches are reporting even though mapping is confirmed to be correct. One root cause is that a tax group is not assigned to the item in POS.


Attach a tax group in Aloha POS Configuration Center to the mismatched item and refresh data in Aloha.

Steps to Implement:

Step 1

  • Login to CFC and edit the mismatched item to add a tax group to it. Save and Refresh Data.

Step 2

  • Login to Dashboard and Get Pricing.

Step 3

  • Review for successful price updates on Desktop Site.


No known caveats


Keywords: prices not updating, empty dbf files, get menu, empty data, no pricing




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