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Shield - Blocked Fraud Orders Report

You can check to see which orders were blocked by Olo Shield (fraud prevention) by running a Blocked Fraud Orders Report. 

To run the report:

1. In the Olo Dashboard menu, under "Reports", select "Sales & Orders"


2. Click the dropdown under "Select Report Type" and select the "Blocked Fraud Orders" report. Select the stores you would like to view this report for on the right-hand side and click "Confirm Store Selection". Set your date range and then click "Generate Report" 


3. To view your report click "My reports" under "Reports" in the Dashboard menu. Click on the Blocked Fraud Orders report, then click "Download Report" to view it on your desktop as a CSV. 


You'll notice we mark the Fraud Risk at either a 1, 2 or 3 for fraudulent orders. Blocked orders marked as 1 are the least fraudulent and 3 are the most. Orders marked as 1 are only blocked if your Shield is set to Aggressive. 

NOTE: If you do not see the Reports section in your Dashboard account, you will need to request updated Olo Dashboard permissions to see Reports. Use the "Submit a request" button to request an update to your Olo Dashboard permissions.

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