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Manage Delivery Service Providers

Delivery Service Providers (DSP) can be enabled or disabled for your Brand within the Dashboard. This setting can be accessed under the Brand Settings category on the Dashboard. From there, click on the Dispatch Settings tab to get to the screen below.

  • To enable a DSP toggle YES. The DSP will be available to service Dispatch orders for all Dispatch-enabled stores that they cover.

  • To disable a DSP toggle NO. The DSP will no longer be available for all stores.

Every time you access this page, the list of DSPs will reflect the most updated list of Dispatch delivery companies. 

Note: This is only accessible if you have brand or corporate level access. If you're a store manager, you won't be able to authorize DSPs for your location. Contact your corporate contact for more information.



Why are some DSPs missing from this list?

Specific DSPs have additional configuration requirements that need to be managed by the Olo internal team. These additional DSPs are enabled for your stores by adding their name (in lowercase) to the Additional Delivery Service Providers field and clicking Confirm.

Ask your Specialist or CSM for assistance if you need to enable a DSP that does not appear on the toggle.

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