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Location Attributes

Setting Up Location Attributes

Audience: Corporate Contacts with “Brand” Permission in Dashboard

Topic or Issue Description: This document details how to setup Location Attributes in Dashboard. Location Attributes can be used to add descriptions on a store level basis to Olo user interfaces. Location Attributes are supported on the Olo website, mobile website and on the apps. Example attributes include “Wifi” or “TV”, but can be used to add any description.

Location attributes must be first added at the channel level. Please fill out a support request to have Location Attributes turned on for your brand if you do not see the option in the "Brand" tab.

  1. Login to Olo Dashboard at
  2. Click on "Brand" tab on left side of screen.
  3. Click on Location Attributes.
  4. Click “Create new” to setup a new Location Attribute.
  5. Enter the name of the Location Attribute and then choose the locations to assign the attribute to by clicking on the location from the tree view.
  6. Set “Viewable Online” to Yes in order for the Location Attributes to appear on user interfaces. 
  7. Location Attributes can be edited or deleted using the buttons shown in the below screenshot.
  8. Attributes will show up in the Find Locations view when searching on desktop, mobile web, or apps.


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