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Dispatch Status

When an order's delivery is fulfilled by Dispatch, the store can see the delivery status of the order in the Order Details in Dashboard.

Here is a list of all Dispatch statuses and what they mean.


 The delivery service provider has accepted the delivery request for this online  order and is in the process of routing a driver.


 A driver has been assigned and is en route to the pickup location.


 The driver has picked up the order and is en route to the destination.


 The driver has successfully delivered the online order to the delivery address.


 The delivery order could not be delivered to the customer.

 Reasons include, but are not limited to:

  1. The store location sent a delivery cancellation request for the order.
  2. The driver arrived to the store location for pickup, but the store was delayed by 10+ minutes after the requested pickup time.
  3. The customer refused the delivery order because the order was missing items or had the wrong items.
  4. The customer was unreachable when the driver arrived and there was not an acceptable alternate drop-off option for the delivery order.


For assistance with cancelled deliveries, please visit the Dispatch Cancellations Overview.

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