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Refund a Delivery Order or Fee

Dispatch refunds are managed nearly the same way as other online orders, with an additional step of submitting the refund request to the delivery service provider (DSP). 

To refund a Dispatch order:

  • In Dashboard, navigate to the specific Order Details.

  • To issue a partial refund, click Adjust Subtotal. To issue a full refund, click Refund Order at the top right of the Order Details page.
    • This will submit the refund to the payment processors for settlement. You cannot reverse this action.

  • In the Order Details, select Report Dispatch Issue to submit a refund request to the DSP and clarify whether the full basket amount or just the delivery fee should be refunded.


Do I need to take steps in the POS? 

This process will refund the customer, but these changes will not be reflected in your POS. Please follow the appropriate procedure for your POS to adjust or update the original order total.


What happens after I submit a refund request?

The ticket submitter will receive an email confirmation, including a summary of the support ticket. Olo Support and the DSP will investigate the issue and may reach out for more information. When requesting a refund for the food cost, we recommend attaching a PDF of the Order Details to help the DSP identify the correct amount to refund. All communications are handled via email with the ticket submitter included for visibility. If a corporate contact wishes to be notified about support ticket submissions, update the Support CC Email Notifications field in the store's Dispatch Settings.

If the support ticket involves a refund request, Olo Support will update the internal status of the ticket for the following fields.


Refund Order Subtotal This denotes that order subtotal was refunded
Refund Delivery Fee This denotes that delivery fee was refunded
Refund Tip This denotes that the tip was refunded
Refund Other This denotes that the DSP didn't identify the refund cost in a specific category


How will the store receive the refund?

The approved refund amount will be added as a credit in the Olo invoice for the next monthly cycle as a "Dispatch Refund" line item. Approved refund details can be found in the Olo Dashboard under the Billing Invoices tab.

A report can be exported as an Excel file or downloaded as a PDF.



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