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Aloha POS: HRESULT: 0x80004002 (E_NOINTERFACE) with Aloha Integration


Description of issue:

Vendor will connect to Olo, but will not successfully login. The error that Aloha returns is this, “HRESULT: 0x80004002 (E_NOINTERFACE)”, which



Technical Teams, Account Managers, Product Development, and Brand IT


Root Cause:

This is an Aloha environmental setup/staging issue. Since, the first time iber is started and the API is accessed, the iberqsps.dll is to be registered by Aloha so that the API can work. (Note: The terminal then stops and needs to be started again, which is why the tester often has to be run twice). Early versions (known as far back as 6.1) of Aloha fail to do this dll registration, and it must be done manually. This also happens with newer versions than 6.1 on occasion.

The cause seems to be that the %localdir% environment variable has not been set on the system, causing the registration to fail.



The fix is to manually set the environment variable and then register the DLL (For Table Service, use “iber in place of iberqs below):

  1. Using cmd, navigate to to %alohadir%\bin.
  2. Verify that the environment variable is not set: echo %localdir%
  3. Set the environment variable to point to the aloha directory. E.g.: set localdir=c:\bootdrv\aloha
  5. Run: RegSvr32 IBERQSps.dll
  6. Stop the OLO services
  7. Start the OLO services



02 error, job code, employee number, failure to login, localdir, RKS 5989, E_NOINTERFACE




Someone already logged in






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