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Aloha POS: Aloha Stored Value Integration (Gift Cards)

Description of issue:

As an Aloha brand, I want to implement the integration between Olo and my NCR Hosted Aloha Stored Value (ASV) Gift Cards (GC).



Technical Teams, Account Managers, and Product Development  



Coordinate configuration on the Hosted Solutions side and share configuration values with your AM or TAM.

Step 1:

Reach out to your NCR Account Exec and remind them that you are an Olo client and that Olo has an above store integration to NCR’s ASV Gift Cards and that you would like to take advantage of that existing integration. Please tell them you need your brand added to Olo’s Radiant Gift Card Account.

Please copy your Olo Account Manager and your TAM.

Step 2:

Provide Olo with the following regarding your Hosted Account for your NCR ASV GCs:

  • Company - (this will be one company code for your whole brand)
  • Username and Password for Olo to Enterprise
  • Store ID - (specific stores)
  • Test Gift Card Number –


Internal Caveat:

If the brand wants to map the ASV card to a specific tender in their Aloha POS System, contact your TAM.

1) TAM will reach out to Dev to learn the ASV Gift Card Tender_X (value for X) in our database. 

2) With the value of X, the Tender_X will be setup in the Global POS Configuration as -1.

3) Under the Brand's company, there will be a POS Configuration Override of Tender_X= the POS Tender ID from the local Aloha Database.


Keywords: ASV, Aloha Gift Cards, Radiant Gift Cards, Aloha Stored Value


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