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Aloha POS: Configuring ATG to Cooperate with Olo



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Description of issue:

With ATG installed on an Aloha POS System and an external integration running via Aloha Connect, the ATG program will log out our interface employee from our interface terminal rendering Olo unable to inject orders.

  • Related error: (0xC0068007)
  • Related Symptom - seeing Iber restarted every 4 minutes.



From NCR Development: WIT 137084: Suppress automatic logout by terminal number.

NCR added a new configuration setting in ATG 14.1.361 to prevent this logout behavior on configured terminals.

Steps to implement:

  • The new setting: "SkipLogOut" will be added to the AlohaTransactionGateway.exe.cfg file.
  • If you need to skip the inital LogOut on a terminal, add the terminal ID (for both the interface server and interface terminal) as a sub key in the config file.
  • You can skip multiple terminals by adding more term ids.
  • We, Olo cannot not own this configuration as a third party, but offer the information to clients for their consultation with their reseller or NCR Representative whenever it is relevant.


This setting requires ATG 14.1.361 or higher, which can be run alongside other versions of POS. Consult reseller or NCR for specifications as we are not able to maintain accurate documentation on the evolution of the ATG product and the process to configure it. This article should give them context to help with proper configuration.


SAMPLE lines for the AlohaTransactionGateway.cfg  (Note: Replace "10" with the ID of your interface terminal for Olo.)

<AtgSetting key="SkipLogOut">
<AtgSetting key="10" />



LD20170213 / Updated LD20171117



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