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Aloha POS: Aloha's 86 error (not related to 86ing features)



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Description of issue:

There are times that an Olo order will fail and POS will return an error like the below:

2015-06-24 16:05:09.8633|INFO|Error adding memo item 'NOT AN ORDER-DO NOT MAKE' to check with id 94371841. Memo item ID: 90000

System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0xC0068086): Exception from HRESULT: 0xC0068086

Reference from Aloha's Error list for SDK's:


There was no order number assigned by master – This is QS only





The 86 error is an error with the master terminal that Olo has no ability to control. This error is Aloha telling Olo that the master terminal did not assign an order number to the order. We have been advised by NCR to suggest reviewing the Aloha debouts at the same date/time for clues as to what is causing Aloha to have trouble communicating the Order Number.

It is likely that there is a networking issue affecting the Master Terminal (unless there are issues with your version of Aloha that can cause it, which I have no insight into). This is a local issue that will require assistance from you POS Support Team to get to the root of. However, as a mitigation step, we do often see that a restart of the Olo service will reconnect the Aloha Interface Terminal with the Master Terminal. This can be an isolated incident that is resolved by doing this or it can be something that perpetuates at the location. It depends on what caused the communication issue to begin with.

NCR Contacts: SSG

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Keywords: 86 error, 86error, 086, 0xC0068086, error communicating with Master Terminal


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