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Aloha POS: Special Scenarios with Taxing with Aloha Quick Service


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Description of Problem:

Ohio has special taxation rules for to go products and special configuration must be in place to accomplish this with the Aloha POS integration.


Edit the Order Mode configuration in POS for the Order Mode that will be used by Olo.

Step 1:

On the Order Mode Configuration in POS:

  • Set Primary Tax as Taxable (whatever your primary tax is)
  • Select the “Non-taxable except” check mark and set to "none" (this allows all taxes from all items to remove taxes when the order mode is called)

**In areas that need this rule, but do want to apply a tax to a different group of items, 

In "Non-taxable except, link the category in Aloha that groups the items to have this other tax applied. This will ensure that all tax is removed from the 0.00 taxed items but remains on the taxed items.

See Screenshot for reference:



However, if using secondary taxes in your tax groups, this has to be tweaked. In that case, you want to do the following:

-set the primary tax to none

-flag non-taxable except

-select the category that you want to apply the secondary tax to

Step 2:

  • Have Olo pointed at this new Order Mode ID (your TAM or AM can do this).
  • Refresh data.

Step 3: 

  • Test


  • This is for Quick Service Only.
  • Be sure the tax group has a primary and secondary tax configured. Even if the primary tax is going to be 0, there needs to be a 0% tax applied.




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