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Revel Configuration for Olo Integration

Audience: Technical Teams, Account Teams, Client's POS programmer 

The integration with Revel POS requires some configuration in Revel done by the customer, and some configuration in Olo done by the Deployment Specialist. The customer will send Revel a signed confirmation document allowing Olo access to their API. The document can be found here.

Revel POS Configuration

1. All menu Categories that are to be included in the Olo menu must be assigned to the Online menu in Revel. In the Revel Admin site, under Products, click Custom Menus. Edit the Online menu by clicking the 'pencil' icon.

Be sure the menu is flagged as Active. Scroll down and check all of the desired Categories or Sub-Categories.


Click Save and then Push Changes from the Revel Main Menu.

 2. By default, Revel terminals will not see online orders. For terminals that have access to online orders, they can be found here.

To turn on this option, in Revel Admin, select the Establishment id to edit in the fly-out on the left side of the screen.


Then in the menu, go to Establishment  > Stations, select each POS station where you want to have this option. Check "Is Print Online Orders", then Save and Push changes. You will need to refresh the configuration on POS tablets.



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