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Aloha POS: Tip Distribution for Online Orders


Description of Issue:

Different representations of how brands are distributing tips in-store today.


Technical Teams, Account Managers, Product Development, and Brand Managers.


Brands handle the distribution of tips in many different ways. The determination is made based on the other operational factors they already have in place in their stores or corporate offices. Listed are some different examples we received in surveys of how tips might be handled.

Brand 1 (Aloha):

  • Using the tip report, pool all tips and split on a weekly basis
  • Easy with the tools in OLO

Delivery Location

  • Have an external printer that prints only delivery tickets with the tillable signature.
  • Drivers keep those tickets like cash and at the end of peak the manager adds them up and cashes tips out with a paid out button.
  • Reconcile this amount with the tip report from the dashboard.

Brand 2 (Aloha):

  • Distribute same as credit card tips for call in orders with our cash tips as well.
  • All gets pooled and distributed to those on staff that day.
  • Some franchisees do evenly and some do proportionally on hours worked.
  • Done in spreadsheet. We don't use the Aloha feature, but would like to someday!

Brand 3 (Aloha):

  • Distribute the tips the day of or the next time the employee works.  
  • Some franchisees take the total hours worked by all employees and divide that into total tips for the hourly tip rate and then multiply that by each employees total hours for tip distribution.  
  • Others distribute the tips for the am and pm shift worked by the cashiers.

Brand 4 (Aloha):

  • With the health insurance changes, the only way we could collect enough deduction dollars from a server to pay if they opt in for insurance
    • Our accounting team looks at the person who closes the check in the db. For that reason,  managers cannot close checks.
    • Pay all of our tips on server checks so the tip would come through on the POS under the OLO tender and we would pay it on their check just like any other tender knowing the money would later reconcile.


Caveats: There are many other options to tip handling. There will be caveats to each individualized process that we cannot specify.

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