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Running the Price Updater


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If you receive Olo orders via a POS integration, Olo automatically will pull the prices directly from the store POS for the items and modifiers that are currently active on your Olo store menu.


Automatic menu updates are performed every day at: 1:30pm & 8:30pm UTC

  • While DST in effect, this converts to the following times in EST: 9:30am & 4:30pm EST
  • When DST ends, the EST times will be: 8:30am & 3:30pm EST

Note: these times are not configurable and cannot be changed at will.

If you'd like to sync the current online menu with your POS, you can do so manually through the Olo Dashboard by following the instructions below:

  1. Login to the Olo Dashboard at
  2. Click on Settings and Store Settings
  3. Select store location
  4. Click on POS Settings
  5. Click Update Prices
  6. Click "Update online prices from POS"
  7. Once clicked, the update may take 1-2 minutes to complete

Once the price updater finishes running, click the refresh button to view any price updates that occurred and to see if there are any mismatches at the location. A mismatch is an ID that is not present in the store database system. If a customer tries to order an item from the menu that is mismatched, they will not be able to successfully place their order because the POS would reject the invalid ID. To clean up any mismatches, confirm that the ID's are correct in Olo and that the item/modifier is present in the store database. Once you make an update, you can run the price update again to confirm that the mismatch has been resolved. Refer to this article for more ways to fix menu mismatches.


Looking to run the price updater for all stores? 

If you are a corporate brand manager, you can automatically run the price updater for all stores in your brand. To do this, click on the Brand tab and click "Brand Settings." From that page, click on the Price Sync Tool tab and press the "Price Sync Tool" button. It should then say "Price updater is running in the background" on your screen. The system should update in about 2-3 minutes.



Any Products or Modifier Choices not added to the Store Menu will not be reflected in the Price Update for that store. This is the case for either manual updates or automatic updates. 

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