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MICROS POS: Typed Entry Not Displayed


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Description of issue:

Guest Name or typed Special Instructions not appearing on POS on check or order chit.  This is a known micros API bug. The special instructions condiment item we are using is programmed to print in red.  


The solution is to set the special instructions condiment to not print in red. The solution is to change this to print in black. 

Steps to implement:

Step 1

Login to MICROS POS Configurator on store’s MICROS Server.


Step 2

Determine what print class is linked to the special instructions condiment item by navigating to POS Configurator/Sales/Menu Items. Scroll to condiment ID. Make a note at the assigned Print Class.


Step 3

Go to POS Configurator/Sales/Print Classes. Navigate to the print class from Step 2. Uncheck the “Print in red” option. NOTE:  If this class is used for other menu items that you want to print in red. Copy this Print Class and rename it. Then uncheck the “Print in red” option. Go back to the Menu Item section and change the print class of the special instructions condiment to this newly created one.

Caveats: None listed

Keywords: micros, reference entry, not printing


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