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Order Lookup and Details

Follow the instructions below to view your past, current, and future order details in addition to issuing refunds and adjusting store sales.

  1. Log in to the Dashboard.

  2. Click on the Orders tab on the left side of the screen.

  3. You may be prompted to select a store if you have access to more than one location through your Dashboard. If so, choose the store from the right-hand section and click on Confirm Store Selection.

  4. You can look up your orders in 3 ways:
    • Method #1 (lookup by order ID): use this option if you already know the order number and want to go directly. Just type the Order Number and click See Order Details.

    • Method #2 (search by time frame): This option allows you to look for your order based on the time it was placed or the time it’s wanted, and then set the date range by order type (curbside pickup, delivery, dispatch, drive-thru, or pickup) and order status (in progress, scheduled, closed, or canceled).

    • Method #3 (search by transaction): for this specific tab you will need the exact transaction date, the last 4 digits of the credit card number, and the order total.

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