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Viewing Invoices

In the Dashboard, you can search for past invoices for your restaurant(s), including PDFs of every statement. We have transitioned to a new billing system. Therefore, you will see links to billing periods billed using the old system in the Historical Billing section and links to invoices from the new system in the Invoices section.

  • Log in to the Dashboard at

  • Click on the Billing tab on the left side of the screen and click Historical Billing or Invoices

    • Historical Billing: Our legacy invoicing system where you can view invoices from any date range.

    • Invoices: Access to our new invoicing system. Only invoices from January 2017 or later can be viewed here.


Note: If you don't see the Billing tab on your Dashboard, it's likely because it isn't activated for your account. In this case, contact your corporate team for more information.

  • Using either option you will have to choose your store from the right sidebar and click Confirm Store Selection. You may be prompted to select a store if you have access to more than one location through Dashboard. 

  • If looking up a past billing statement, you may either select Lookup by Payment ID or Search by Timeframe.

    Note: If you're searching by timeframe, select a pre-built timeframe or enter the desired timeframe in the “Invoices in Date Range”.


    If looking up an invoice, adjust the date range you wish to search within.


  • Select See Billing Details under Historical Billing or Show Invoices under Invoices.

  • Review the information and, if desired, click on the PDF icon to download the invoices.

    Note: You may need to disable your popup blocker in order to see the PDF.


Billing Summaries

If you would like a summary report of invoices from multiple months or multiple stores, this can be downloaded by using the Export to Excel button:

  1. Follow the steps above to search by time frame for the stores or months desired. You can pull invoice information for multiple stores at a time if desired. 

  2. Click the Export to Excel button to download the billing details as an excel spreadsheet. 


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