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Shield - Fraud Settings

Olo Shield fraud prevention is a service designed to reject orders matching patterns that many fraudulent orders have in common. Genuine (non-fraud) orders may be blocked by enabling this feature. By enabling fraud prevention you agree to report fraud via the Olo Dashboard by finding the order and clicking report fraud. This information will improve the fraud prevention filter.

To enable Shield:

  1. In the Dashboard, under Settings, select Fraud Settings


2. Select your store location on the right-hand side and click Confirm Store Selection. You can select multiple locations or a single location.


3. Current Fraud Settings for the selected location(s) will appear. In the below example, all locations have fraud mitigation turned off.


4. Change Enable Fraud Mitigation to “Yes” and you will see the option to select the fraud mitigation level. The options are:

    1. None
    2. Lenient
    3. Moderate
    4. Aggressive

5. Once you select a Fraud Mitigation Level, the page will show you a list of orders that would have been blocked in the last 30 days if that setting had been live.


6. Click Save Settings to confirm.



Olo recommends all locations that turn on Shield start at the Lenient setting. After starting on Lenient, if the location still experiences fraud, the Dashboard user can bump the setting up to Moderate as needed. Note that settings higher than Lenient will increase the possibility of false positives (legitimate customers getting marked as fraudulent).



This safelist feature should only be used in exception use cases for customers who are getting false positives. For example, if you have a valid customer who chronically gets flagged as fraud and you want a way to tell the fraud monitoring logic to allow the customer to place online orders. Under the Safelisting tab, search for the user by name or email address. Click “Add to safelist” in order to resolve the false positives. The customer should now be able to order without encountering any issues.




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