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Disable online ordering for your store

If you do not see the tab mentioned, it is likely because your account does not have access to those settings. In this case, contact your corporate helpdesk for more information.

Note: This does not suspend billing for your location. If you are disabling your store for more than one month or permanently due to store closure, contact to suspend online ordering and stop all Olo charges.

There may be times where you need to disable your online ordering to prevent further online orders from being accepted. Use this feature in the event of an unexpected store closing. Through the Dashboard, you can easily disable (and re-enable) your store location(s). 

Remember, once you are ready to accept orders again you will need to log into the Olo Dashboard and enable the store for online ordering. 

This feature should not be used to disable your store for a planned holiday. Use the Business Hour Override feature for this use case.

  1. Log in to the Dashboard

  2. Click on the Settings tab on the left side of the screen and then click on Enable/Disable Store

  3. Once you click the Enable/Disable Store you may be prompted to select a store if you have access to more than one location through your Dashboard. If so, choose the store from the right-hand section and click on “Confirm Store Selection” (You can only do this for one store at a time).

  4. If your store is currently accepting orders, you will see Enabled next to your store name. The system will give you the ability to disable your store at this point. Type in the Internal Reason for disabling your store. This will not be viewable by customers but keeps a log so that you can keep track of who is disabling your store and why.


  5.  Select a Public Message to be exposed to your customers so that they know why you are temporarily unavailable; you can choose from the following:

    • Default: Ordering is unavailable at this time. Please use the location finder to try another location nearby.
    • Inclement Weather: This location is currently closed due to inclement weather conditions.
    • Observance of a Holiday: This location is currently closed in observance of the holiday.
    • Remodeling/Construction: This location is currently closed for construction and/or maintenance. Please use the location finder to try another location nearby.

  6. Click Disable 

    That’s it! When you’re ready to accept online orders once again, come back to this page, type in the reason for re-enabling the store, and click “Enable”.

    Note: You will be able to track who disabled/enabled the store, the exact time when it happened, and the reason why.



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