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Business Hour Override

A Business Hour Override should be used when you have a certain calendar day when your business hours will be different. For example, you are generally open on Thursdays from 9:00am - 9:00pm, but you know that for Thanksgiving Day you will only be open until 2:00pm.

You can also use this feature to schedule a planned store closure. For example, the store is completely closed on Christmas Day. By having these overrides set up, you will prevent a customer from accidentally placing an advance order for pickup when your store is actually closed. Olo recommends adding in the overrides as soon as you know about them!

  1. Log in to the Dashboard at

  2. Click on the Settings tab on the left side of the screen

  3. Click Store Hours

  4. You may be prompted to select a store if you have access to more than one location through your Dashboard. If so, choose the store from the right-hand section and click on “Confirm Store Selection”. If you want to make a bulk hour update across multiple stores, you can select multiple stores.

  5. Click Add Business Hour Override


      • If you are looking to adjust your hours for a specific day (e.g. closing a store early on Thanksgiving Day) then select the date and put the new hours for that day in the “Open from” and “Open until” fields

      • If you are looking to close the store completely, select the date and choose “Closed” for both the “Open from” and “Open until” fields

      • Select an Override Reason to let customers know why they are unable to order during that day/time:
        • Default: Ordering is unavailable at this time. Please use the location finder to try another location nearby

        • Inclement Weather: This location is currently closed due to inclement weather conditions

        • Observance of a Holiday: This location is currently closed in observance of the holiday

        • Remodeling/Construction: This location is currently closed for construction and/or maintenance. Please use the location finder to try another location nearby

  6. Type in the internal reason for submitting the override. This will not be viewable by customers but keeps a log so that you can review past business overrides. 

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