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Edit Delivery Area

If your store is offering delivery to customers, you’ll need to set the area around your store to which your store offers delivery. Only customer addresses that fall within the boundary you draw and save will be allowed to place a delivery order.

  1. Log in to the Dashboard at

  2. Click the Settings tab on the left side of the screen.

  3. Select Store Settings.

  4. You may be prompted to select a store if you have access to more than one location through your Dashboard. If so, choose the store from the right-hand section and click Confirm Store Selection.

  5. Click on Delivery Area.

  6. You will now see an interactive map with a pin where your store is located. By clicking on the map you can mark the boundary around your delivery area. As you click and create more points, a blue area will appear on the map to show the valid delivery area.

    *You may click and hold the points to drag boundaries on the map.

  7. Select Save Area if you are finished or click Clear Map to start over. 

Note: Once you have a delivery area drawn, enter an address in the search bar above the map and click Test Address to see if it falls in the drawn range. When drawing your delivery area, use as many points as you’d like or as few as three. 


If you do not see an option for Delivery Area, it is likely because your account does not have that tab activated. If this is the case, please contact your Corporate team for more information. 

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