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Update Locked Base Price and Option Choice Prices

If Olo orders are being sent to your store(s) in a non-POS-integrated manner (e.g. via email, SSOS, or fax) you can use the Dashboard to update the base price for any product listed on your online menu.

If the product you want to edit has a base cost that is Price Locked, follow the instructions below. For products that have a base cost that is not Price Locked, click here for instructions on editing the base cost.

This is used when you have a product and the pricing is based on the choices and not on the product itself. For example, when you have a different price for Small Fries and Large Fries, but not a generic fixed price for Fries. 

  • Small Fries: $2.00
  • Medium Fries: $2.50
  • Large Fries: $3.00

This means that under the product “Fries” (locked price) you can only choose: Small, Medium, or Large (each one with a different price).

If you have products with a Locked Base Price follow the steps below to update the product pricing:

  1. Log in to the Dashboard at

  2. Click on the Menus tab on the left side of the screen

  3. Click Manage Store Menu

  4. Select the store(s) for whose menu you’d like to update (These are all the stores you have access to)

  5. Click a category to expand the list of products (e.g. Hamburgers)

  6. Click Modifiers next to the product whose price you’d like to edit


  7. A pop-up window titled Product: (selected product) will appear

  8. Click Choices on the desired Option Group (e.g. Toppings)


  9. A pop-up window titled Modifier: (title) will appear

  10. Click Edit Price next to the Option Choice (e.g. Add Toppings)


  11. Enter in the new price and click Save

  12. You may continue to update Option Choice prices. Once you are done, exit out of the Modifier and Product pop up windows.

Apply Change to All Products?

The Olo Menu platform allows you to easily share Option Choices to make it easy to perform updates across products. If you wish to apply the price change to ALL of the products that share this Option Choice, click Change Price for All Products. To see a list of all the products this price update would affect, click Show Product List.

You also have the flexibility to make a price change for only the product you select. To limit the change to only this product you have selected to modify, click “Change Price on this Product Only”.

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