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Temporary Modifier Removal: “86” & "Un 86"

The Olo Dashboard allows you to temporarily remove a product or choice from your online menu. This means you won’t delete the product/choice or break any customer favorites it just “hides” them from the menu preventing people from ordering it while it's unavailable. For example, you would use this option when you are out of stock of tomatoes at the store and you won’t be able to offer menu items with tomatoes until you restock.

We call this 86ing, as frequently done in restaurants. When you 86 a product/choice, you are removing it temporarily. It is very important to remember that after you 86 a product or modifier choice, you will need to un-86 it, for it to go back live on the menu, unless you are using the 86 Availability Restoration feature.

Note for POS integrated stores: If you are not integrated to Micros, Silver/Silver Pro, or Treatware, items and modifiers need be 86'd within the Olo store menu. For certain POS systems, the Olo menu will respect item availability that has been indicated within the POS. The articles on Micros, Silver/Silver Pro, & Treatware go over how 86'ing works with each of those POS systems.


Steps to 86'ing:

  1. Login to the Olo Dashboard at

  2. Click on the “Menus” tab on the left side of the screen.

  3. Click “Manage Store Menu”.

  4. Select the store(s) for whose menu you’d like to update (These are all the store(s) you have access to).

  5. Click a category to expand the list of products (e.g. Appetizers).

  6. On the product that has the nested modifiers you would like to 86, click on the "Modifiers" option. 

  7. Click “Choices” on the desired modifier group.

  8. Click “86 Availability” next to the modifier you wish to 86.

  9. A pop-up window titled “(86) Availability Actions” will appear asking you to re-confirm the selection.

  10. Click “Save” if you want to make the changes.

  11. Once you click save, the modifier will disappear from your online menu. On the store menu within Olo menu admin, a note will appear next to the 86'd modifiers, indicating that they have been set as "unavailable (86'd)".
    *To show the modifier on the menu once again, you need to “Un-86” it. To do this click on the “86 Availability” button once again.

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