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Open Orders

An Open Order is an order that has been placed by a customer where the Time Wanted (i.e. the pickup/delivery time) has not yet passed. Click on an Order ID to see the details of the order, such as customer details and the items ordered. The Open Orders tab automatically refreshes every 2 minutes, but you can also refresh it by clicking the green Refresh Now button located on the right-hand side.


Above the orders, you can select how many records appear on each page (10, 25, 50 or 100) and organize the data (ascendant or descendant) by Order ID, Store Name, Handoff, Time Placed, Customer Care, Total, Time Wanted, Status and Channel Name. Here, you can also search the order using the search box located under the “Refresh Now” button.

Each Open Order will have a status associated with it, depending on when you are viewing the order in its life cycle. Please see below for descriptions of the different statuses.

* Note that not all statuses may pertain to your store(s) as they are dependent on the method used to transmit orders to your store. 

Order Status



This is an order that has been placed and is being held on the Olo system until the appropriate make time of the order. At the exact make time of the order, based on your brand's menu settings, Olo will send the order to the store POS system. A scheduled order can be either early-fired to POS manually or cancelled through the Dashboard. (For instructions on how to cancel an order, please click here). There is a brand level setting that determines how many days in advance that a customer can order. There is no limit to this, but it is set at the brand level for all locations. 

Pending           (In Progress)

This status is shown when Olo is attempting to send the order through to the POS. If Olo is successful, it will move the order into the “Confirmed” status. If it’s unable to send the order to the store (e.g. internet issues, power outage), the order will fail.

Awaiting Confirmation

This order status is only for vendors who receive Olo orders through fax or email. If the order isn’t confirmed via phone or through the Dashboard, the order will have the “Awaiting Confirmation” status.


This is an order that has been sent to the store and that is currently in the process of being prepared for the customer.


Tip: While an order is in Scheduled mode you can either cancel the order or early-fire the order to the POS. If the order is no longer in scheduled mode, you will not be able to cancel or early-fire the order. You can, however, generate a partial or full order refund, if needed. For instructions on how to refund an order, please click here.



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